Organic Baby Bindi


Ingredients:- organic vengai, Raw Rice (Pacharisi) , Sago (Sabudana) ,
Water ,Kum Kum , Aroma Essential oils few drops , Ghee, vitamin oil,etc…

Benefits:- It is an indian tradition to keep bindis/ pottu and the tradition of wearing bindis starts when we are babies itself. Neotea, a brand of health and household vitamins and dietary supplements. The products spectrum we offer to our customers includes dry fruit, herbal powder, organic cocoa powder and many more.

Most people’s beliefs that applying Black liquid bindi will give the following benefits.

  • Help the Baby to sleep for a long duration.
  • Help to shape Baby eyebrow.
  • Protect the Baby from the evil eyes (Dhristi).

How to use:- Use your finger and apply a dot of black bindi behind one of your baby’s eyes, at the cheek, near the forehead, or on the baby’s foot.

  • Apply a curve line over the eyebrow and use it as an eyeliner for babies.


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