From the ancient texts of Ayurveda comes a truly herbal kajal that soothes your eyes, leaving a lasting impression.
From the trusted house of Ayurveda which has a rich tradition of over 80 years in Ayurvedic
Eyecare, this Kajal is the culmination of continuous clinical trials and advanced research. Enriched
with the nourishing powers of Ayurvedic herbs like Amalaki and Sahadevi, along with the soothing
effects of Yashtimadhu, it provides natural cooling for the eyes. The cleansing properties of castor oil and
coconut oil make the Kajal irritation-free and safe for all ages. The Herbal Kajal stays true to its
Ayurvedic roots and uses beeswax as the base, making it completely safe without
harmful synthetic chemicals. Highlight your eyes with the rich black of Ayurvedic protection.


Qty : 15 grms



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